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Oh la la Paris! At the top of romantic holiday destinations, the city everyone knows and wants to see! Mira Aviation is in Paris this week!

Paris, one of the most visited cities in the world, is known as the capital of romance, but in fact it is ready to welcome all your expectations.

For culture and history enthusiasts, there are the Louvre and d’Orsay museums, the most stylish cafés and delicious pastries and restaurants for gourmets and the Eiffel Tower, the Montmarte Hill and the Seine River for romance seekers!

Of course, Paris is not limited to these! The famous Champs-Elysees Boulevard, the Arc de Triomphe, the Alexander Bridge, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, the Paris Opera House and the lively Latin Quarter for those looking for nightlife are some of the places to be visited.

Shortly, Paris is ready to offer you more than you want for your holiday…