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Our Experienced Team


Mira Team with 20 years of experience in the field

The Mira Aviation team works with great devotion to ensure that our customers receive the best service for their Aircraft Sales and Rental needs. It consists of Aviation and Space Engineers, EASA Licensed Technicians, Retired Military Pilots and professionals with more than 20 years of experience. Mira Aviation team stands out with their expertise and skills that make a difference in their field.

Aircraft Operation

Flight Operation

Aircraft Acquisition

Aviation Consulting

Engine and Spare Parts Sales

Military Acquisition and Project Management

Aircraft, Engine and Component Maintenance and Support

Candaş Erkan Ozdoğu

Candaş Erkan ÖZDOĞU

Candaş Erkan Özdoğu, founder, president, and general manager of Mira Aviation has extensive experience with Business Jet and Helicopter Operations, Maintenance Management, and Aircraft Sales.

As the team leader of the head office at Mira Aviation in Ankara, Turkiye, Özdoğu, offers reliable and multifaceted consultancy services including but not limited to the design of efficient strategies for the aviation industry, business development, multicultural network expansion, international trade, and aircraft sales.

Among Candaş Erkan Özdoğu’s accomplishments is founding an organization of 300 people that would oversee over 45,000 hour-long air ambulance services with helicopters and jets across Türkiye. Further, Özdoğu has developed the most extensive helicopter and business jet maintenance centers in Türkiye. Since its inception in 2015, Özdoğu actively offers business jet and helicopter purchase services for clients across the world in various sectors at Mira Aviation.

Özdoğu holds an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from Middle East Technical University and an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Özdoğu is a Ph.D. candidate at Hacettepe University in the business department.

Our aim is to represent “reliable excellence” in the aviation activities we conduct worldwide with a people-oriented approach.

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Meet the Mira Team

Alperen Gür
Sales Director

Alperen GÜR

Mira Aviation Sales Director, Alperen Gür is a professional aviation consultant in Aircraft Sales, Management, and Operation.

Continuing his work from Mira Aviation Istanbul Office, Gür provides objective, reliable and valuable consultancy in monitoring and finalizing complex strategic and technical processes in Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft appraisal and feasibility studies, Aircraft Sales, and Agreement coordination.

Gür successfully supports the company’s joint ventures and corporate asset goals with its Database and CRM Systems activities within its long-term business development plan.

Alperen Gür graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an Astronautical Engineer.

Charter Sales Director

Nazlıcan SOLUK

Mira Aviation Sales Director Nazlıcan Soluk; She is an aviation consultant specializing in Customer Management, Aircraft Chartering, and Jet Flight Operations.

Continuing its operations from its head office Ankara in Turkey, Soluk offers critical, reliable, and proactive consultancy in the fields of customer relations management, meeting aircraft charter requests, monitoring the operational process, and flight coordination.

Soluk successfully supports the company’s quality, safety, and satisfaction goals with its long-term business development activities in the field of aircraft rental.

Nazlıcan Soluk graduated from Bilkent University, American Culture, and Literature, and did a minor in Political Science and Public Administration from the same university.

Cost Control Specialist


Mira Aviation Cost Control Specialist Sude Hindistan, she has valuable expertise in Financial Controls, Budget Analysis, and Reporting.

Operating from the Ankara head office in Turkey. She provides critical, reliable, and proactive consultancy in developing cost control strategies, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation of invoicing processes.

She successfully supports the Company’s database creation, cost determination, and efficiency goals through its long-term business development activities in the aviation industry.

Mrs. Hindistan graduated from the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association Department of Business Administration.

Şive Doğan
Digital Marketing Specialist


Mira Aviation Digital Marketing Specialist Şive Doğan; has expertise in Website Content, Media Management, and Graphic Design.

Working from Mira’s head office in Ankara, Turkey, Doğan provides inventive consultancy in digital marketing strategies, analyzing potential customers and competitors, reporting, preparing necessary up-to-date content within the scope of social media and advertising management, and corporate identity design.

Doğan successfully supports the company’s advertising, marketing, and digital asset goals through its long-term business development activities in the aviation industry.

Şive Doğan graduated from Süleyman Demirel University, Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production Department.

Erkan Kaya
Financial Advisor

Erkan KAYA

Chartered Accountant Erkan Kaya, who advises Mira Aviation; has valuable expertise in Accounting, Tax, and Social Security Legislation.

Kaya provides reliable and critical consultancy on the preparation of the company’s financial statements and the audit of tax returns, the preparation of personnel files, service contracts and payrolls, the follow-up of tax and SGK accruals, and payment issues.

Kaya successfully supports the company’s goals of transforming its own resources into an efficient investment within the framework of legislation, professional ethics, and generally accepted accounting principles.

Erkan Kaya, who graduated from Ankara Gazi University Department of Economics, has Economics and Chartered Accountant licenses.

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