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One of the most asked questions about flight is ” Is it safe to fly in pregnancy? For many mothers-to-be, this question can be quite alarming. Nowadays almost all planes are cabin pressure adjusted, it may not be a problem to fly during pregnancy. Airline Companies are asking for a report from the mothers-to-be before flight. There are also some rumors that air travel may cause to premature flight. It is raising the fear of pregnant woman about flights.

What are the opinions of the doctors about the flight in pregnancy? Many specialist doctors believe that the flight from the first day of pregnancy to the 28th week will not cause any problems. If the mothers have not any illness (such as bleeding, diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple pregnancy etc), there is no evidence that changing air pressure in the airplane will cause any problems to the mother or baby. There is also no evidence that air travel has caused premature birth in the same way.

For the pregnancies over the 28th week, the airline will ask for a doctor-approved report from mothers-to-be, and they may not accept to flight the mothers who have completed their 36th week in pregnancy. This is not because the mother or baby may injure on the flight but because they do not want to take risks at a possible birth.

5 Things the mothers need to pay attention during the flight

  • Since you are sitting for a long time, you may need to take small walks in the corridor during the flight.
  • During flight, the body experiences more fluid loss. To avoid this you should drink water before and during the flight.
  • You should prefer socks specially prepared for flights rather than tight and strained socks and comfortable slippers instead of shoes during flight.
  • It will be better for you to sit at the corridor side to keep the movement area wide.
  • Stretching movements should be done for the legs while sitting.