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The Ankara-based technology company BITES offers a variety of products, including Next-Generation Computer-Based Training Systems and Synthetic Environments, 3D Virtual Maintenance Trainers, Low-Cost Synthetic Training Aids, and Hardware Components, Advanced Training Management Information Systems, Mission-Planning & After Action Review-Debriefing Software Solutions, and a serious game-engine has driven image generator for all types of virtual training environments.

In order to boost the usage of integrated solutions in training exercises, raise system adaptability to new threats and requirements, and improve the capacity to customize training programs to the unique requirements of various end users, BITES combines all convergent technologies.

BITES Defense, Aviation and Aerospace Technologies, is in a strategic partnership with MIRA Aviation and aims to grow your business together.

You can download Mira Aviation Presentation File (PDF) from here.

Service and Support

  • Augmented Reality and Image Processing
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Command Control and Information Systems
  • Avionics System Software
  • Training and Simulation Technologies
  • Embedded Software Technologies
Mira Aviation

Contract Status

Mira Aviation is the official representative of BITES for the world except for Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Singapore.

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