Changes in aviation market conditions, technology, economy, environment, and regulatory requirements impact the air transportation industry. To manage these changes, Mira Aviation provides the world’s airlines, aircraft manufacturers, aviation industry lenders, aircraft leasing companies, and the corporate aviation industry with innovative and high quality services supported by its experienced aviation professionals and analytical support staff that reflects a balance of the air transport industry experience and advanced technical skill.

Mira Aviation represents the global leader companies in aviation industry. Currently Mira is the official local partner of Testek Inc., Avtron Inc., FMC Solutions and ALMI Ltd. (Iberia Maintenance German Office) for Turkey.

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Mira was founded on the belief that the most valuable asset in aviation is trust. Our company strives to not simply one transaction, but build a lasting relationship with which all aircraft services may be utilized from a trusted partner.

Our professional staff manages the transaction from quotation phase to product/service delivery. During the whole process, our team handles the quotations, contract execution and management and project management.

Our Brands

Representations Location Subject Since
BITES Worldwide (Excluding Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore) All Services 26 July 2018
FFT Turkey All Services 20 March 2018
Avtron Aerospace Inc Turkey All Services 9 February 2017
FMC Solutions Turkey All Services 10 January 2017
Testek Inc Turkey All Services 8 December 2015
Iberia German Office Turkey Maintenance 14 April 2015
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