Hawker 850XP Delivery!

Mira Aviation has completed the transaction of Hawker 850XP type aircraft successfully.

Our client for whom we were searching the best option for a while acted as soon as we identified the optimum solution for him. In todays very active market and record low inventory levels, the importance of taking action as soon as an option is identified and buyer’s and seller’s fulfillment of their obligations in accordance with the purchase agreement has proven itself one more time.

Mira Aviation is an aircraft sales and charter brokerage company with headquarters in Ankara, Turkey and offices in Istanbul, Turkey and Geneva, Switzerland. Mira has doubled its revenue and profit every year since its establishment in 2015, while completing more than 40 aircraft transactions and chartering more than 7000 hours of private flight. With its highly qualified team experienced in operation, maintenance, sales and management of business jets and private helicopters, Mira has become the biggest aircraft sales and charter brokerage company in the region.

If you are in the market for purchasing your new private jet, selling your existing aircraft, or even to meet a one time requirement of a private flight, Mira is here to make you MIRAcle flight real.

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